Jennifer Steen Booher



Over on the Coast Walk I’ve been interviewing all kinds of interesting people here on Mount Desert Island. Porcia Manandhar told us about studying gull chicks, Tim Garrity, director of the MDI Historical Society, talked about how our perception of…


Healthcare series

  For five years I suffered from a mysterious, wracking cough that left me bedridden for two months every winter and incapacitated for several more. After years of misdiagnosis as asthma, I was aggressively treated for severe acid reflux and…



I’ve added a few posts on the Coast Walk blog that might interest you. One about the still life at the top of the post, One about Women’s History month and this photo of me: and the most recent installment…


Coast Walk update

  The latest Coast Walk post is up here: It’s been a little hard to keep up both blogs: I just realized I haven’t posted here since October! Sorry about that, and Happy New Year to all of you.