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Coast Walk 2 still life

I’ve made it all the way to Blackwoods campground, although the blog is only updated as far as Otter Cliffs. Working on that right now!

From left to right, top to bottom:

Hovering above: plastic ring, sea glass

Row 1: young Blue Mussels (Mytilus edulis), Northern Rock Barnacle (Semibalanus balanoides), more mussels

Row 2: granite beach stone, Corallina officinalis, plastic marker cap, driftwood, Dog Whelks (Nucella lapillus)

Row 3: sea glass, fish eggs (dried out now but there’s a photo of them fresh in the CW2 blog post), sea glass, more mussels (not sure if they’re Blue or Horse Mussels), acorn (probably Quercus rubra), beach stone, mussels

Row4: Dog whelk, more mussels, Rough Periwinkles (Littorina saxatilis)

Row 5: Seaweed attached to barnacle, Smooth Periwinkles (Littorina obtusata), sea glass, plastic thingy (I think it’s from a glow stick), beach stone

Row 6: Rough Periwinkles, granite beach stone, sea glass, mussels

Row 7: Dog whelks, Horse Mussel (Modiolus modiolus)


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