Jennifer Steen Booher

Artist-in-Residence video

Last week I put on my Acadia-National-Park-Artist-in-Residence hat and gave a slide presentation at the Schoodic Institute. It’s about half an hour long:


2 thoughts on “Artist-in-Residence video

  1. Diana

    I just watched your whole presentation – what a great job you did! I learned so much, a lot more about your Coast Walk Project and just things in general like the cormorant droppings being so acidic they killed the trees on the thrum cap island (another cool thing!). Here in NW MT, it can get very icy in winter and many of us wear some sort of strap-on cleat things on our boots, which I think must be like the creepers you mention. We just call them by one of the brand names, Yak Trax. If I lived close, I would love to accompany you on a portion of your walk! I am fascinated by observing the natural world. Your dedication is amazing; I don’t think I could do all that you do! Thank you for posting this video. Have fun and stay safe! Diana

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thank you, Diana! I wish you lived closer, too; it would be so cool to have you join the walk. And yes, Yak Trax are one brand of creepers – aren’t they a brilliant invention?

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