Jennifer Steen Booher

Seal Harbor Beach (Beachcombing series No.87)

“Seal Harbor Beach, Maine; February 4, 2018. (Beachcombing series No.87)”

Top to bottom, left to right:

Row 1: Rock Crab (Cancer irroratus), vinyl glove with coralline encrustations and marine algae holdfasts

Row 2: Sand Dollar (Echinarachnius parma), lobster-claw band, Common Slipper Shell (Crepidula fornicata), unidentified bivalve – possibly a baby Razor Clam (Ensis directus), Northern Rock Barnacle (Semibalanus balanoides), Slipper Shell, plastic lining from bottle cap, Toad Crab (Hyas araneus)

Row 3: unidentified bivalve – possibly a baby Razor Clam (Ensis directus). I think this is a Jonah Crab (Cancer borealis) but it has hairs on its back, which is weird. Common Periwinkle (Littorina littorea), unidentified Sea Star (Asterias sp.), Paper Birch bark (Betula papyrifera), lobster-claw band, acorn cap (Quercus sp.), juvenile Green Crab (Carcinus maenas), Common Periwinkle, lobster-claw band

Row 4: Moon Snail (Lunatia heros), plastic lining from bottle cap, sea glass, Coralline (Corallina officinalis), plastic stitch marker, unidentified bivalve – possibly a baby Razor Clam (Ensis directus), driftwood

Row 5: lobster-claw band, fragment of lobster-claw band, Toad Crab, Sand Dollar, Green Sea Urchin (Strongylocentrotus drobachiensis)

Row 6: Sand Dollar, Rockweed (Ascophyllum nodosum)

Row 7: plastic bread bag tag, Soft-Shell Clam (Mya arenaria), aluminum soda can top, unidentified plastic fragment, Common Periwinkle, Horse Mussel (Modiolus modiolus)

Herring Gulls and Black-backed Gulls on Seal Harbor beach.

Visited Seal Harbor Beach on February 5: 40°F, 8:45 to 10 AM, overcast with  light rain at first then the wind picked up and rain stopped. Lots of trash, including the first condom I’ve found on a beach. Eew.



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