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Coast Walk

On New Year’s Day I started a project called the Coast Walk. I’ll be walking the entire shoreline of Mount Desert Island over the next two years. The walking, photographing, interviewing, photo-processing, writing, editing, and general admin tasks have been taking up every minute, so this blog will be a little neglected for the time being. I’ll post links to the Coast Walk entries – hope you enjoy them!



4 thoughts on “Coast Walk

  1. peter

    Hi Jen I found your blog thru following you on instagram (@artforpetesake) I’m having fun exploring your blog and site. I went to maps and looked at the island and it is huge! This is quite a project The coast goes up into harbors and snakes around all over the place. I was seeing somewhere that you were looking for help with the geology so I made the connection with another artist that I follow. She is a geologist and artist and she rode her bike around the coast of England. She might be interested in your project. Her name is Tina Mammoser here is a link to her blog

    1. Jenn Post author

      Hi Peter, So nice to meet you! The island isn’t all that big (I think it’s about 15 miles straight across) but yes, the coastline is roughly 120 miles, with all those inlets and harbors. It’s going to take a while! I hope you’ll follow along over at the other blog. Tina’s work is lovely – thank you for the link. I’ll have to go back again and look around a little more. Your jewelry is great, too, especially the alligator buckles. Love those!

  2. Ariadne

    Hi Jennifer, good luck with your project!As I never managed to reach that part of your world I will try to follow through and read all of your blogposts! I already read Walk 1 and will continue tomorrow with Walk 2 as they are rather long and I want to understand all of it!Gret job. AriadnefromGreece!

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