Jennifer Steen Booher

Frozen Charlotte

Kristi_web©My friend Kristi and her husband Matt own the most gorgeous inn right on the shore here in Bar Harbor, so of course she’s a beachcomber, too. About a week before Christmas, Matt had the (ahem) brilliant idea to commission me to do a still life of Kristi’s finds, and to make a long story short, I’ve just finished it. I love the colors of sea glass she’s found – those purples take decades to form. Most purple sea glass starts out clear, and the manganese in the glass very, very slowly turns purple with exposure to sunlight (to UV rays, specifically.) Sea glass is all about chemistry and patience! The star of this piece, though, is the tiny, headless china doll. She’s a type of doll popular in the late 19th century known as a Frozen Charlotte: the name comes from a ballad about a young girl named Charlotte who refused to wear a cloak over her party dress and consequently froze to death. Cheery little ditty!


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