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The Bar, Bar Harbor, Maine; February 3, 2012 (Beachcombing serieTwo of the Beachcombing photos are now available as limited edition prints through the online gallery Eye Buy Art.  I’ve also worked with curator Emily McInnes to offer custom ‘portraits’ of your own collections. You might remember Kristi’s seaglass and Danielle’s collections. However, where Kristi and Danielle both approved my selling prints of their collections, the custom portraits will be one-of-a-kind. We thought it would be especially exciting to do a dual collection for a newlywed couple of each person’s most cherished little-things. There’s a lovely feature in the gallery’s Wedding Guide about commissioning one:

If you’ve never visited the site, go right now – Emily has curated an impressive collection of incredibly talented photographers, and I’m both amazed and pleased-as-punch to find myself in their company. (If you’re a creative type you probably know this feeling of “Yes, I am awesome” warring with “Who, me?”)


I’m particularly drawn to Eszter Burghardt’s woolly landscapes:

Fjord of Wool by Eszter Burghardt, via


and to Amy Stevens’ cake-and-fabric confections:

Confections #44, 2007 by Amy Stevens, via


and to Kevin Van Aelst’s fingerprints:

Left Ring Finger, 2007, by Kevin Van Aelst, via


Dear Santa,

Please consider this my Christmas list.





One thought on “Eye Buy Art

  1. Emily McInnes

    Hi Jennifer,

    We are honoured to have you, in the “yes, you are awesome” kind of way (the ONLY way when it comes to your work)!

    Thanks to you for writing this great post.
    Excited to have your work on board!

    Founder and Director

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