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Rabbit Rabbit

RabbitRabbit2_web©This feels like a birth announcement: The Jealous Curator and I are delighted to announce the arrival of twins! (Twin photographs, that is.) Maybe you remember the package of beautiful bits that Danielle sent me a few posts ago for this collaboration? Allow me to introduce the final photographs: Rabbit Rabbit (above) and Letter Dance (below.) I think Danielle’s favorite is Letter Dance, but I just love that gold horse in Rabbit Rabbit. And in Danielle’s own post about the collaboration, she tells us where some of the objects came from and why they are important to her. These two works of art are very exclusive, as they are only available in The Jealous Curator’s shop on

RabbitRabbit1_web©I know I should have waited and made this the first post of a new month, but that’s almost two weeks away and I couldn’t wait to show off my newborns!


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