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Olmsted Firm projects on Mount Desert Island

In my last post, I had just been pointed toward the Olmsted firm archives on Flickr. Because Flickr is fairly opaque to search engines (for example, a Google search for ‘Good Hope, Northeast Harbor’ didn’t lead there, although a search for ‘Olmsted, Northeast Harbor’ did) and even its native search is seriously limited (a search on Flickr for ‘Olmsted, Northeast Harbor’ turns up some but not all) I’ve gone through and pulled out all the MDI projects I could find. Project numbers and titles are as given by the archive on each post. The search engine on this blog is pretty good, so I plan to use this page as a reference tool – if you find it useful as well, all the better.

I manually scanned through 100 years of projects, so it’s possible I missed a couple. Let me know if something’s missing. It was pretty tedious and I didn’t take time to really look at the plans, but I did notice one real eye-opener. Scan down and you’ll see it.

I also discovered that the Olmsted firm had done projects in every last US city, town, or village I’ve ever lived in, including the mill town I grew up in: Southbridge, Mass.

Rules of use for the images are here. Credit for all of the following is: Courtesy of the National Park Service, Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site

Project: 01135; Brace, C. L.; Manset; Maine; 07 Private Estate & Homesteads; 5 PLANS (N.D.).

Project: 01232; Vanderbilt, George W.; Point D’Acadie; Bar Harbor; Maine; 07 Private Estate & Homesteads; 29 PLANS (1889-1893). and photo

Project: 01241; McMillan, Hugh; Bar Harbor; ME

Project: 01248; Gray, Mrs. George Z.; Bar Harbor; ME;

Project: 1249 Charles Fry, Bar Harbor, ME

Project:01297; Clark, Prof. S. F.; Mt. Desert; ME;

Project: 01393; Pulitzer, Joseph; Bar Harbor; ME

Project: 01892; Garland, J. A.; Bar Harbor; ME; 07 Private Estate & Homesteads

Project:03154; Dunham, E. K. Mrs.; Dunham, Edward K. –Hoe, Richard M. –Keewaydin; Seal Harbor; Maine; 07 Private Estate & Homesteads; 6 PLANS and photos

Project:03155; Hoe, Richard M.; Eastholm; Seal Harbor; ME; 07 Private Estate & Homesteads

Project:03448; Bar Island, ME; Barr Island (alt. sp.) — — –; Bar Island; Maine; 01 Parks, Parkways & Recreation Areas; 5 plans – HOLY COW SOMEONE WANTED TO BUILD A CAUSEWAY TO BAR ISLAND


Project: 03537; Hanna, Marcus Mrs.; Seal Harbor; Maine

Project: 03751; Mitchell, John K.; Mitchell, John K. 3rd; Bar Harbor; Bar Island; ME

Project:03800; Ocean Drive & Newport Mt.; Newport Mt., Ocean Drive & — — –; Bar Harbor; Maine (actually a plan of Schooner Head)

Project:07316; Ogden, David B. Gravestone; Ogden, Mrs. David B. –Ogden, Harriet; Bar Harbor; Maine; 08 Cemeteries, Burial Lots, Memorials and Monuments; 14 PLANS (1924-1937) and photos:

Project:07989; Northeast Harbor Village Improvement Assoc.; Northeast Harbor Park Project; Northeast Harbor; ME

Project:09138; Acadia National Park; Mount Desert Island; ME, plans and photos:

Project:0915 L.E. Kimball, Northeast Harbor, ME; photos

Project: 09866; Jackson, Roscoe B. Memorial Laboratory; Bar Harbor; Maine; 09 Grounds of Commercial & Industrial Buildings; 53 PLANS (1942-1950). and photos

Project: 10161; Admiral and Mrs. Samuel E. Morison, Northeast Harbor – plans and photos

Project: 10336; Fenno, Mr. and Mrs. J. Brooks; Bar Harbor; Maine

Project: 10617; Hopkins, Mrs. D. Luke; Northeast Harbor; Maine


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  1. Ronald H. Epp


    I plan to be on MDI April 25-27 for meetings at the Jesup. Perhaps we can meet and discuss some our common concerns, especiall since the 26th will be the bicentennial of Olmsted’s birth. Your research on the firm was most helpful.

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