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Coast Walk 6 Still Life

Coast Walk 6: High Seas to Schooner Head, January 19 - April 3,

And here is the still life for Coast Walk 6: High Seas to Schooner Head, January 19 – April 3, 2015. The still life photos skip from Coast Walk 3 to Coast Walk 6, because, as you may remember, from Compass Harbor to Schooner Head the Coast Walk was plodding through snowdrifts and confined by icy cliffs to the higher elevations, so there was no beachcombing until April. Just looking at this photo reminds me vividly of the spring thaw, the constant trickles of water from melting ice, and the moment I was finally able to shimmy down the rocks to the tide line.


Top to Bottom, Left to Right

Column 1: driftwood, weathered fiberglass, driftwood

Column 2: feather

Column 3: seaweed holdfast (probably Laminaria), plastic-coated wire, Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus), weathered fiberglass, Common Periwinkle (Littorina littorea)

Column 4: seaweed with holdfast (probably Laminaria again), Jonah Crab (Cancer borealis)

Column 5: beach stone, Fucus sp. attached to barnacle (Semibalanus balanoides), bird bone, Common Periwinkle

Column 6: driftwood, beach stones, seaweed (some kind of kelp) partially covered with bryozoan colony (I think it’s Membranipora membranacea.)


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