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web©-_DSC6099-Edit Diver Ed, Captain Evil, and I were supposed to explore Anemone Cave today. It was going to be an awesome crossover between the Dive Log that Eddie’s doing this month and the Coast Walk, kind of like when Superman shows up in a Batman comic, but no, it’s still snowing. And there’s a heck of a surge, and it is bitterly cold with a strong north wind (which means there would be big waves breaking on the shore, major ice, and the wind knocking us off balance.) So we bailed. And I’m cranky.

web©-_DSC6108-EditI love winter and I love snow, but I’ve never seen this much accumulation – guess I picked the wrong year! We’re supposed to get another round of light snow on Thursday, and then 8-10″ on Sunday. Given that we’ve already got at least 2 feet on the ground it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to make much progress, so I don’t know when the Coast Walk will be back on track.

web©-_DSC6097-Edit Meanwhile, you should check out Eddie’s project. He’s trying to do 28 shore dives this month – one per day – and is posting these awesome short videos on Facebook. Here’s the latest Dive Log – watch him wade through 5 feet of frozen slush in a drysuit and scuba gear!

I’ll keep trying, of course, and I’ll post those attempts here for your amusement.


2 thoughts on “Phooey

  1. Michael Athas

    My wife and I are regular visitors to MDI. We are enjoying your walks and your stories very much; partly because we know and love the area, but also in reading about your hard work to deal with the arrangements and with the snow, ice and freezing temperatures to carry out your plans. Winter doesn’t last forever!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks, Michael, I’m having a wonderful time, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the adventure. Fortunately I love snow … except when it interferes with my plans!

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